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a year later just after i'd turned 11yrs old mr . l introduced me to freinds of his mr & mrs m, both in their 40's they would spike my cola with booze they need'nt have it was the first time i'd seen a naked woman or touched one she taught me what to do playing with her large breast and hairy wet pussy, she also told me how to give her oral sex which i loved, mr. m would watch and take photos and join in while i was licking her he would lick my arse and balls and suck my cock, i loved all this attention and the fact that they had a tv i could watch not many people had them then, and it was the first time i'd put my cock in a pussy! and the very first time i'd sucked a cock which wasn't too bad except when he shot his load i nearly choaked on his cum i didn't know there would be so much of it! about this time i remember having my fist wet cum in mrs . m 's mouth it was fantastic! , it was always fun and i enjoyed it very much sadly mr & mrs m and mr. l passed away many years ago. more memories to come .


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