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memories part 2
my first time was when i was ten my next door neighbour mr. l paid me £5 to undress for him, he was about 60 or so he never once touched me, he just wanted to look at me and masterbate himself it was a lot of money to me and it was easy i wasn't shy and enjoyed the feelings i got from watching him and discovered that if i touched my own cock it would make him moan and groan as he watched me sometimes he would ask me to pose myself in different positions on all fours, bending over his sofa, laying on his table with my legs open playing with my cock, i did not mind what he wanted me to do the money was always paid sometimes if he realy had a good time he would pay me a pound or two extra, it's odd that he never touched me in all the time i was with him, i got the money and my first sexual thrills as my cock would get hard and i'd occasionaly dry cum which i found out was when he would pay me the extra cash more often. remember this is all true as it happened to me. do you want to know more ?

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thanks for addding me
i have memories also

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