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It was during a conversation i had recently with a freind that i got to thinking of my past , now as a child i was manipulative from about 10 years old i was aware of my sexuality and that of others, and at no time did i ever feel abused in fact i enjoyed what adults did with me and would actively encourage and engineer their advances for my own ends, i dont know how i recognised at that age who would be interested in me i suppose it was a sort of instinct, the next door neighbour who liked young boys, the guy i met at the beach, the couple who lived a few streets away who liked to photograph me, the guys i met in public toilets, all were into kids and i knew how to manipulate them, i always got what i wanted be it money, sweets, or just sex even the 34 yr old woman when i was 15 was just for sex despite the presents she would buy me, i enjoyed all of it and even now have no regrets, i may in into more detail soon if anyone wants to read about it , and it's all true i dont need to lie here .

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by all means, more details.

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